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SLAM Magazine presents: The '03 Draft

PLEASE NOTE: We cannot guarantee the mint condition of any magazines. We receive them from SLAM in the same condition you receive them in. By nature magazines are not durable and are prone to scuffing on the outer edges and spine during transport.

LeBron and Melo and Bosh and Wade and on and on and on. The 2003 draft class has a four-time MVP, multiple NBA champions and Olympians, numerous All-Stars and two players in the top 10 of all-time scoring. We ain't here to argue about who is the very best draft class ever. We're here to lay it out for everyone else to get active.

So here it is: 100 pages that capture 2003's best players, sneakers, outfits, accomplishments and everlasting impact on not just basketball, but on sports in general. While we're not gonna explicitly say that '03 is the numero uno, we will say that those 12 calendar months changed everything in SLAM's world.

Crank some 50 or Hov, throw on your dopest throwback and get your copy of SLAM Presents the '03 Draft.

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