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SLAM Magazine presents: Issue 32 (Allen Iverson)

PLEASE NOTE: We cannot guarantee the mint condition of any magazines. We receive them from SLAM in the same condition you receive them in. By nature magazines are not durable and are prone to scuffing on the outer edges and spine during transport.

For the first time in SLAM’s history, we’re bringing back a classic. SLAM 32, which originally dropped in March of 1999, has been reprinted as the first issue of the brand-new REWIND SERIES. The iconic “Soul on Ice” cover image of Allen Iverson kicks things off and is then followed up by incredible design and loud advertisements that scream, “THE 1990s WERE AMAZINGLY DIFFERENT.” Other stories include Glen Rice, Dajuan Wagner, a feature on the legendary Rucker Park and a pullout poster with Julius Erving on one side and another great AI portrait on the other. A must-have for OG fans and anyone who wants to get their collection on point.