KAWS BFF (Pink) Keyring

KAWS character - BFF - is his newest character and an iconic piece of street culture and now you can have this 7cm miniature piece of art with you all day every day, hanging from your keys!

In 2016, KAWS debuted a new character at the Central Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand: a 26-foot tall, bright blue creature called BFF. Like KAWS’s signature “Companion” figures, BFF has crossed-out eyes, gloved hands, and oversized ears. But BFF’s furry exterior—reminiscent of the woolly texture of Sesame Street’s Elmo—was unprecedented for the street artist, whose sculptures typically had a smooth finish. To celebrate this public installation, KAWS released 1,000 plush versions of the character, which sold out in just two and a half hours. One year later, KAWS designed a vinyl blue BFF in collaboration with the MoMA design store—once again, it was met with viral success, driving so much traffic to the museum’s website that it crashed. In the years since, the family of BFFs has only grown: vinyl standing BFFs in black and pink, a blue seated BFF that doubles as a glow-in-the-dark lamp, large-scale public sculptures in Los Angeles and Hunan, China, and a plush pink BFF clad in a Dior suite to celebrate the brand’s 2018 showing at Paris Fashion Week.

Considered a “subculture hero,” Brooklyn-based artist Brian Donnelly, widely known as KAWS, enlists the seemingly incongruent techniques of pop art, toy-making, graffiti, product design, and sculpture to create works like "Companion".

KAWS is a multi-faceted artist straddling the worlds of art and design in his prolific body of work that ranges from paintings, murals, and large-scale sculptures to product design and toy-making. His iconic “XX” signature has its roots in the beginning of his career as a street artist in the 1990s, when he began altering found advertisements by incorporating his own masterful paintings. Evoking the sensibilities of Pop artists like Andy Warhol and Claes Oldenburg, KAWS possesses a sophisticated humor and thoughtful interplay with consumer products and collaborations with global brands. He often draws inspiration and appropriates from popular culture animations to form a unique artistic vocabulary and influential cast of hybrid cartoon and human characters.