Another Card Page x Lucky Cat Pawn Shop NBA Trading Card Re-pack

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Lucky Cat Pawn Card Shop has partnered with Another Card Page to provide an entry-level re-pack product that's great for people that want to break a pack without breaking the bank!

Look for a variety of inserts and parallels, all-rookie packs, all vets packs! You can also find Zion, Rui, Herro, Culver and other notable rookies!

4-6 cards per pack

The re-pack contains a mix of:

  • Prizm 17/18, 18/19, 19/20
  • Optic 19/20
  • Mosaic 19/20
  • Illusion 19/20
  • Chronicles 19/20
  • Hoops 11/12 -19/20
  • 1990s