Daredevil - 'Hells Kitchen' Graffiti Deco - Miles Morales NYCC2020 Street Art Collection Deluxe Pop! Vinyl (Special Edition)

Miles Morales Street Art Collection Deluxe Pop! is a Special Edition release that was part of the New York Comic Con 2020 Virtual Con 4!

Read more about it here: https://comicbook.com/gear/news/funko-nycc-2020-virtual-con-4-pop-figures-exclusives-order/


Matt Murdock was the son of 'Battling Jack' Murdock, a single father & a boxer who made his living in New York's Hell's Kitchen. He began to work as an enforcer for the Fixer, a local mobster, to give Matt more than his boxing winnings. Jack Murdock taught his son not to fight and tried to guide him into his studies. Matt was frequently bullied by students for being a bookworm, they teased him by calling him 'Daredevil', so he secretly trained himself self defence, so he could stand up to the bullies at school.

While walking down a street one day, Matt saved a blind man from getting hit by a truck but the truck swerved and spilled radioactive waste onto Murdoch, blinding him.

Matt's remaining senses became heightened, and he was able to 'see' using a 'radar' sense, that showed outlines and shapes. His hearing became so acute that he could hear heartbeats. He could smell the faintest odour in a room. He could touch a newspaper to 'read' it. Enter, 'THE DAREDEVIL'.

Size: 15cm tall approx
Material: Plastic/Vinyl
Officially Licensed
Product code: FUN52710