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What Is A 'True' Rookie Card?

You can get a rookie card IN all sets of cards - but what one is actually worth chasing?

What Defines A True Rookie Card?

- Depict a player in their professional uniform
- Be licensed by both the league and players association
- Come from a standalone nationally distributed set
- Be a base set card
- Be released after the player’s top-level debut

What Base Set Should I Chase?

The 'True Rookie' Base Set will change depending on the Sports card you are collecting.
The sets below are considered to contain a player’s true rookie cards because they are major annual releases that have high relevance in the chosen sports trading card industry. 

Modern: Panini Prizm Basketball
2000's: Topps Chrome Basketball
1980/90's: Fleer / NBA Hoops

Topps / Topps Chrome Baseball

Modern: Panini Prizm Football
1980's-2000's: Topps / Topps Chrome Football

Upper Deck Hockey

Each sport will have a select few other base sets of considerable significance, but the above sets have been deemed the "true rookie" base sets.

in summary

I think its important to have 'true rookie' cards in your personal collection for specific players and they are a very important investment piece if buying to invest. There are also other key sets in each sport that you should collect for each player as well, so fill out your player collections with those too.

I hope this helped and if you still have any questions, please don't hesitate to hit us up via our instagram @luckycatpawnshop or via email