our physical retail store is now permenantly closed :(


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goodbye, for now.

our beloved store front is closing down

We have weathered the storm of Covid19 lockdowns as long as we can and had to make the very hard decision to close our much-loved retail store.⁠ ⁠

As a kid, I used to love going and hanging out at the local trading card store, comic book store, wherever they sold SLAM Magazine and watching Skate videos at the skate shops. My idea was to create a store that reflected and combined all the vibes of the stores I loved visiting as a kid but with my own personal touches. A community space where people could come down for a chat, to hang out, to watch basketball, to open trading cards, grab a SLAM Magazine and to receive and pass on good vibes. So much time, planning, development and money went into making a retail space I had dreamed about making since I was a teenager. I'm proud of myself for achieving what I set out to create and devastated that it's life span was cut so short by external factors I couldn't control.⁠ ⁠

I'd like to thank all the people that helped build this little shop front into what it was, friends and family for the support and most importantly my loyal customers!⁠ ⁠So much love and good vibes to you all; even the people that stole from the store, even the people that credit card defrauded our online platform and even the internet trolls. 

As of Monday 11/10/21 our shopfront is now permanently closed and our online store will be operating in a reduced form while we wait to see what the world of Covid has left in store for us.

We will still be attending Trading Card & other shows and expos, so you will still see our Lucky Cat banner flying strong - make sure you come and say hello!

This isn't the end,
much love and positive vibes!

💕 Leon @ Lucky Cat

The best customers I could of hoped for!

...and the best all-star hired help I could of asked for!

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